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I take my customer’s success very seriously. I created this plugin over 4 years ago, and I use it on my own sites. If you run into trouble, I take personal responsibility and will get you going as quickly as I can. I’ll even help you match your site with some custom CSS if needed. Personally handling support helps me stay in touch with what my customers expect and need.

Support Forum

There’s a community support forum built into the plugin that you can access from your WordPress dashboard. It’s easy to search and find answers. You can also post questions, comments, and ideas publicly or mark them private as a ticket.


Can I grab and display reviews for more than one location and then filter the review slider by location?

Yes, you can download reviews from multiple sources and multiple pages per source. For instance, if you have 10 different Google locations and 5 different Facebook pages you can grab reviews from all of them. Then you can create a review summary slider showing all the reviews. You can also create sliders that only show reviews for certain source pages.

What if I have 4 different Airbnb rentals?

You can download the reviews for all of your Airbnb rentals. Then you can display them all together or separately on the individual pages for each location. You would only need a single site license to do this.

Can I use multiple templates on different pages and select different reviews to show on each one?

Yes, when you set up a review template to display reviews there are filters that you can use to only show the reviews you want to show. You can even pick and choose reviews. So you can create multiple review templates and choose which reviews to show per template.

Can the plugin download product reviews from Amazon, Etsy, etc..?

Yes, the plugin can download product reviews. You can also tag the reviews to a certain product on your site so you can filter by product when displaying them. This way you can add additional product reviews to your Woocommerce listing.

Will the plugin check for new reviews automatically?

Yes, the plugin has the ability to use the WordPress cron system to automatically download new reviews daily.

What types of filters are available to display only the reviews I want?

When you create a review template you have the ability to Filter out reviews you don’t want to show. You can filter out reviews without text, by rating, length of text, certain words in the text, review type, source location, language, tags, and even pick and choose which reviews to show.

Can I add reviews from a site that isn't currently supported?

Most customers will manually copy/paste a few of their best reviews into the plugin if the site isn’t supported. You can do that on the Review List page. I can also add a site to the plugin for a customization fee.

Can I use this on multiple sites?
Yes, if you purchase the Multi-site license.
Is the plugin multisite compatible?

Yes! How many site licenses do I need for a multisite? To use one of our plugins on a WordPress multisite, you will need a license for each sub-site where you will be using it.

What is your refund policy?

There is a no-questions-asked refund available to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied, then simply let me know and I’ll refund your purchase right away.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade a yearly license at any time after signing up. This can be done directly from within the plugin.

Can I have different sliders displaying different reviews on different pages of my site?

Yes, you can create unlimited templates to display different reviews.

Can I cancel my subscription and still use the plugin?

If you decide not to renew, then you will still have access to the pro features of the plugin. However, you will not get updates or support.

Can I filter the reviews by language?

Yes, there is a language filter that you can use when creating the review template. You can even use Google Translate API to translate reviews in to different languages.

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