What was added, modified or fixed in more detail than the basic changelog for my WP Review Slider Pro plugin.

What’s New…

Added advanced slider option:

When you create a review template you can now choose between a grid, regular slider, or advanced slider. The Advanced slider will give you more slider options, but it does load an additional javascript file.

For example you could use the center mode and avatar navigation to create a slider like so…

Example advanced review slider.

Initials for user avatars.

There is now a User Initials option for the review template Avatar.

You can also set the default avatar to initials if the review doesn’t have an image.

Pick and choose which source icons to show on the template.

Before you could either hide or show all source icons on the review template. Now you can pick and choose by type…


Tags can be used in a shortcode and the Review List search now looks for tags. You can add tags to a Review by editing it on the Review List.

Totals and averages for a badge, template, or source

Added Shortcode and Function to return totals and averages data. You can now access the Total and Averages of a Badge, Template, or Source. You can output on the Frontend with a Shortcode or you can access it with a function.

More info here.

Added template style 9