Industries like the hospitality, travel, leisure, and related sectors rely heavily on customer reviews as prospective customers trust third-party review sites like Tripadvisor to make booking decisions for hotels, holiday homes, and restaurants. This is evident as 72% of consumers frequently or always consult Tripadvisor reviews before deciding where to visit, eat or stay. 

However, since Tripadvisor is a third-party website, you need to find a way to bring these reviews to your WordPress website. Plugins make it easy to display the reviews on your own business site. So, which plugin should you use?

This post will look at six of the best WordPress Tripadvisor plugins you can use to add your Tripadvisor reviews to your website.

Six Best Plugins for Displaying Tripadvisor Reviews in WordPress

Here are the top six WordPress plugins you can use to display your business’s Tripadvisor reviews on your website.

  1. WP Review Slider Pro

Our top recommendation allows you to display reviews on your WordPress site in various appealing formats (sliders, grids, and floats) from over 90 platforms. The analytics feature enables you to identify trends, common favorites, and more!

  1. Trustindex’s WP Tripadvisor Review Widgets

WP Tripadvisor Review Widgets displays reviews from multiple sites for free. It comes with more than 25 pre-designed widget styles, customizable designs and more.

  1. WordPress Tripadvisor Reviews plugin by Elfsight

Elfsight’s WordPress Tripadvisor Reviews Widget allows you to display your reviews using different types of layouts, filters, customizable elements and slick templates. 

  1. Endorsal’s WordPress Tripadvisor Reviews Widget 

Endorsal’s WordPress Tripadvisor Reviews Widget plugin lets you embed reviews from Tripadvisor to your website using its wide range of features, including floating widgets, automated review requests, and more.

  1. Repuso’s WordPress Tripadvisor Widget

Repuso’s WordPress Tripadvisor Widget displays reviews on your WordPress site from more than 30 platforms. To customize your look, you can choose between floating, grid, and inline widgets.

  1. WP Tripadvisor Review Slider 

WP Tripadvisor Review Slider plugin allows you to easily create multiple sliders with your TripAdvisor reviews which you can display in a grid or rows. You can have multiple templates for different parts of your site for easier customization.

Read each plugin’s detailed overview to identify which best suits your business and website needs.

1. WP Review Slider Pro

WP Review Slider Pro Website Home Screen

One of the best plugins you can use for displaying Tripadvisor reviews on your website is WP Review Slider Pro. This plugin allows you to display reviews on your WordPress site using various appealing formats such as sliders, grids, and floats. 

It pulls reviews from the most popular sites and automatically updates them on your site. Here’s a site using WP Review Slider Pro to display TripAdvisor reviews:

Key features:

  • The plugin displays reviews from over 90 platforms such as Airbnb, eBay, Amazon, Google reviews, Facebook, and more, providing social proof for your products and services.
  • Customer reviews are displayed in customizable formats, such as floats, sliders, and grids, through built-in templates.
  • Analytics feature to examine your reviews to identify trends, common complaints, or customer favorites. This feature creates graphs and charts of your reviews to help you analyze them easily.
  • You can create personalized floating badges that appear as a slide-out or pop-up on your website.
  • Automatically get emailed when the plugin finds a new low-rating review!
  • Manually add images and YouTube videos to any review.
  • Use verified icons to indicate reviews that are verified.
  • Add the Google schema for rich snippets to a review slider or badge.
Example of Google Rich Snippets


WP Review Slider Pro has three pricing structures. The Starter plan, costing $29 per year, is aimed at small businesses with one WordPress site. If you have two to five WordPress sites, you will benefit from the Business plan that costs $59 per year, or if you’re an agency creating sites for your clients, for example, the agency plan which covers up to 50 WordPress sites, costing $149 per annum, would be the most suitable.

All plans include all features, personal support from the developer, and a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you’re unsure whether WP Review Slider Pro is for you, the plugin offers a seven-day free trial, so you can try it out before you purchase.

2. Trustindex’s WP Tripadvisor Review Widgets

The WP Tripadvisor Review Widgets plugin displays your Tripadvisor reviews for free using amazing predesigned widgets. You can create and display your own widgets and filter your reviews to build customers’ trust and increase SEO. 

WP Tripadvisor Review Widgets Slider Example

Key features:

  • Free to use
  • Ten Tripadvisor reviews
  • More than 40 widget layouts 
  • Over 25 pre-designed widget styles
  • One review widget
  • Review filtering

The pro version unlocks more features, such as:

  • The plugin displays all reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Amazon, Tripadvisor,, Airbnb, and
  • Wide range of widgets
  • You can customize designs
  • Businesses can hide a review or mark it as spam
  • Automated review invitation system
  • Review widgets for your email signatures
  • Detailed statistics


The WP Tripadvisor Review Widgets plugin is free to use, but if you want to display more than ten Tripadvisor reviews and more than one review widget, the pro version is more suitable. The pro version (which works across multiple platforms) costs $65.

3. WordPress Tripadvisor Reviews plugin by Elfsight

With the WordPress Tripadvisor Reviews plugin by Elfsight, you can add your Tripadvisor reviews to your WordPress website. This plugin comes with templates and widgets to help you maximize your Tripadvisor reviews.

Tripadvisor reviews by Elfsight.

Key features:

  • Four types of Tripadvisor review layouts: list, grid, masonry, and slider
  • Three types of review filters: by type, quantity of reviews for displaying and exclude by.
  • Six customizable elements of the interface, including author name, photo, date of sharing, star rating
  • An active button for posting a review gets clients to the Tripadvisor page

The paid pro versions unlock higher usage limits and offer more support, including unlimited websites, Elfsight logo removal, and top-priority support.


While this plugin offers a free ‘Lite’ plan, purchasing the pro versions is necessary as your business grows so you can unlock higher limits. The Basic plan is $5 per month, the Pro is $10 per month, and the Enterprise plan costs $25 per month. These plans are billed yearly rather than every month.

Screenshot of WordPress Tripadvisor Reviews plugin by Elfsight pricing plans

4. Endorsal’s WordPress Tripadvisor Reviews Widget

Endorsal is a tool that lets you collect, display, and share Tripadvisor testimonials on your website. 

Endorsal WordPress Tripadvisor Reviews Widget

Key features:

  • You can display the Tripadvisor reviews on your WordPress website with three lines of code 
  • Shares automated Tripadvisor review requests to your clients via email and SMS 
  • Displays reviews using a range of floating widget options
  • Option to add a “Wall of Love” to your WordPress website with your reviews
  • Add beautiful testimonial request forms to your website 
  • Share your positive reviews on social media automatically


Endorsal’s Starter plan is $39 per month, which includes one website, whereas the Professional option ($79 per month) includes three websites, the Wall of Love, review marketing, and other premium features. This cost is on the higher side in comparison to plugins like WP Review Slider Pro.

5. Repuso’s WordPress Tripadvisor Widget

Repuso is a SaaS tool that offers a plugin to embed reviews from a host of platforms to your WordPress website with ease. 

Key features:

  • Embeds reviews from more than 30 platforms, including Tripadvisor
  • You can choose between multiple widgets: floating, grid, and inline
  • Allows customers to customize the feel of the widgets 
  • You can approve your Tripadvisor reviews before publishing them on your site 
Repuso WordPress Tripadvisor Widget


Repuso offers three pricing plans; the Basic plan starts from $9 per month. This includes one WordPress website, a single user, and two widgets. The Enhanced plan starts from $19 per month and includes one WordPress website, unlimited widgets, and multiple users. The Agency plan starts from $23 per month and increases depending on the number of accounts needed.

6. WP Tripadvisor Review Slider

The WP Tripadvisor Review Slider plugin lets you easily display your Tripadvisor reviews on your WordPress site in under two minutes. The plugin includes an easy-to-style slider that can appear anywhere on your WordPress website via shortcodes.

WP Tripadvisor Review Slider Example

Key features:

  • You can filter out bad reviews
  • Create multiple sliders with your Tripadvisor reviews 
  • Display reviews in a grid or in rows
  • Access to the ten most recent Tripadvisor reviews and display them in a post or page with a shortcode or template code
  • Include a Tripadvisor slider as a widget 
  • You can have multiple templates for different parts of your site, which can be customized


The WP Tripadvisor Review Slider plugin is free to use and comes highly recommended by users for its easy setup and simplicity.

The Best Plugins for Tripadvisor Reviews

If you are in the hospitality, leisure, or related industries, you’ll already know how important Tripadvisor reviews are for your business. After all, most prospective customers read reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. So, displaying your raving reviews on your website is important to increase social proof and build customer confidence.

Plugins make it possible to embed these reviews on your WordPress site. If you choose a platform-specific Tripadvisor WordPress plugin, you might need several plugins to showcase reviews from all platforms. However, if you choose an all-in-one solution like WP Review Slider Pro, you can import and display reviews from over 90 different review platforms like Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews.

With a huge range of plugins on the market, WP Review Slider Pro is one of the best in terms of its value for money, premium features, and integrations. The plugin also offers a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!