The hotel industry is huge. With such a vast market, it is no wonder people turn to reviews to help them make informed decisions. In fact, a whopping 52% of travelers won’t book a hotel without them

Hoteliers face difficulties when deciding on review platforms to use because it can be tricky to track feedback and manage negative comments. 

In this article, we’ll debunk some of the industry myths about guest reviews and explore the top platforms, and reputation management strategies, while also using valuable plugins like WP Review Slider Pro

The best hotel review sites

Tourists and holidaymakers look at hotel review sites to make informed decisions when choosing their accommodation. With so many out there, it can be hard to know exactly who to trust. 

While generic review platforms like Facebook and Google reviews are great, hotel-specific review sites connect a higher percentage of leads who are specifically looking for your services.

Here is the list of hotel review sites you should know about. 


Where to go in 2024 with TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is an online travel company with its HQ in the USA. It offers free user-generated reviews for travel, price comparisons, and a convenient online booking service. Since its launch in 2000, it has reached over one billion reviews, covering hotels and experiences, among other things. 

The primary audience for this site is global travelers looking for diverse reviews. Its key features are:

  • Robust review system.
  • Traveler forums.
  • A vast database of hotels and attractions.
  • A reputation in the travel industry.


Expedia lets you choose where you would like to stay and what kind of stay you want

Expedia has been around for over 25 years and has a pretty big reputation in the review world. Now standing as one of the most used Online Travel Agencies (OTA) in the world, Expedia was the travel portal with the highest brand awareness in the USA in 2022. 

❓Did you know? Expedia also owns!

Users are able to book accommodations directly through the platform, as well as this the most notable features are:

  • Verified reviews.
  • A wide range of accommodation options.
  • One of the most famous platforms in the industry.


Share local business gems on Yelp

Yelp is a review site covering various businesses, including hotels. As a platform, It’s in the top ten for reviews in the USA.  Users rate and review establishments based on their personal experiences – making this a great option for authenticity and honesty. Yelp’s key features include:

  • Detailed reviews from genuine people.
  • A dedicated photos section.
  • A strong focus on local businesses. lets users easily find what they are looking for right from the homepage is the top OTA globally and was the most visited travel and tourism website in the world in 2023. Their collection of websites (including Kayak and OpenTable) operates in over 40 languages in 200 countries. Through this site, users can book accommodations, flights, and car rentals, all while seeing honest reviews about each. Other key features include:

  • Genuine verified reviews.
  • Flexible booking options.
  • A user-friendly interface.

For hotel owners, using review sites can help with:  

  • Online visibility: Positive reviews act as endorsements, placing your property in the spotlight and attracting the attention of a broader audience.
  • Customer attraction: Travelers with real experiences shared by their peers are likelier to choose a hotel with a good reputation. 
  • Reputation: The cumulative effect of positive reviews cultivates a great online reputation. This, in turn, builds trust and credibility, crucial factors for converting potential guests into loyal customers.
  • SEO rankings: Search engines prioritize businesses with positive reviews. The more positive feedback your hotel accumulates on these platforms, the higher it ranks in search results. 
  • Increased bookings: Travelers, influenced by the positive experiences of others, are more likely to choose your hotel over competitors. This translates directly into increased bookings.
  • Loyal customer base: Satisfied guests turned loyal advocates are likelier to return and recommend your hotel to others, creating a cycle of positive reviews and sustained success.

🔖 Pro tip: Even the best review sites need a helping hand, so WP Review Slider Pro is a great way to boost your reputation management. This plugin allows hotel owners to manage reviews from different platforms in one centralized place. By providing an interface to monitor and display positive reviews, WP Review Slider Pro ensures that the positive sentiments of your guests are clear, fostering a positive reputation. 

The power of hotel review bloggers and influencers

In 2021, 84 percent of people said they consulted travel influencers for trip recommendations. Hotel review bloggers typically immerse themselves in the travel experience, offering insights into various aspects of a stay. Key focus areas include:

  • The hotel’s location.
  • Amenities.
  • Service quality.
  • Food.
  • Overall guest experience.

Jeremy Flores (@jeremyaustin) is a notable hotel review blogger. With over 750 thousand followers on Instagram, people flock to him for recommendations and tips for travel. These recommendations increase interest and reservations, really showing the power of influence.

Jeremy Flores is a travel content creator with over 750k followers

Hotels can proactively engage with influencers for promotions, creating a cost-effective marketing strategy compared to traditional forms of advertising. 

Using online reviews for hotel reputation management

Online reputation management is the practice of shaping and controlling a business’s public image on the Internet. For hotels, customer reviews and feedback are great at influencing and managing online reputation. Here are some of the best strategies for effective hotel reputation management: 

  • Respond in a timely manner: Acknowledge and respond promptly to customer reviews, demonstrating attentiveness to feedback.
  • Hande negativity professionally: Address negative reviews professionally, offering solutions and showing a commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Encourage reviews: Actively encourage guests to leave reviews, using positive experiences to enhance the hotel’s online presence.
  • Maintain consistency in quality: Maintain consistent service quality to garner positive reviews and build a favorable reputation over time.

The benefits are huge if you manage to boost your online reputation. These include: 

  • Increased trust: A positive online reputation instills trust among potential customers, influencing their decision-making.
  • Higher bookings: A well-reviewed hotel is more likely to attract bookings, as positive feedback is a powerful endorsement.
  • Improved rankings: Positive reviews improve rankings on review sites and search engines, enhancing the hotel’s visibility.

Embracing online reviews as an invaluable tool for growth and reputation management is essential. Hotels that actively engage with customer feedback and implement effective strategies stand to not only safeguard their reputation but also thrive in a competitive market.

Maximizing the impact of hotel reviews with WP Review Slider Pro

WP Review Slider Pro helps build trust with your customers

WP Review Slider Pro is a powerful tool for hoteliers as it revolutionizes how online reviews are managed for optimal reputation management. It has an array of dynamic features, including: 

Automated review updates and customizable templates

Review your notifications with WP Review Slider Pro

One of WP Review Slider Pro’s features is its ability to automate the update of reviews. This ensures that the latest testimonials from various platforms, including TripAdvisor and Google Places, are integrated. The plugin offers a range of customizable templates, allowing hotels to present reviews in a visually appealing and brand-consistent manner.

Built-in analytics tools for reputation management

Use the built in review analytics

The inclusion of robust analytics tools within the plugin empowers hotels to delve into the performance of their reviews. By tracking key metrics, establishments can gauge the impact of customer feedback, identify trends, and tailor their reputation management strategies accordingly.

User-friendly interface and integration

WP Review Slider Pro has an intuitive interface, making it exceptionally easy for hotel staff to navigate and utilize its features. Automatic review updates eliminate the need for manual intervention, saving time and ensuring that the latest guest sentiments are always shown. Pre-built templates simplify the process, allowing hotels to display reviews in a visually appealing format effortlessly.

Meets hospitality industry-specific needs

WP Review Slider Pro excels in showing reviews from diverse platforms. Its filtering capabilities, based on various criteria such as rating, source, or length, ensure that only the most relevant and impactful testimonials are displayed. The plugin also streamlines the customer review submission process, enhancing user experience.

Email alerts for low-rating reviews

A unique feature of the plugin is its email alert system for low-rating reviews. This proactive approach enables swift responses to unsatisfied customers, preventing issues from escalating. Timely interventions can turn negative experiences into positive resolutions, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Google Rich Snippets for local SEO

Google Rich Snippets can help with local SEO 

WP Review Slider Pro supports Google Rich Snippets, a significant boost for local SEO. This function enhances the hotel’s visibility in Google search results, making it more appealing to potential customers looking for accommodation options. The plugin thus contributes favorably to the establishment’s online presence and accessibility.

Heighten your hotel’s presence with trusted reviews

A strong online presence is so important for everyone in the travel industry, but particularly so for hotels. People like to know what they can expect from somewhere they are staying, and reviews offer that social proof they need. 

Positive reviews are essential for a hotel’s online reputation and credibility. To effortlessly manage and showcase these reviews, invest in WP Review Slider Pro. It helps with your review collection process, filters out noise, and automatically updates testimonials on your website. 
Boost your hotel’s credibility and influence with this review management system – start using WP Review Slider Pro today!