A quick rundown on the changes for V11.1.1 of my WP Review Slider Pro WordPress plugin. The plugin allows you to download and display your reviews from over 85+ different sites.

What’s New…

 Added ability to track IP address on Form submission.

You now have the ability to track the IP address of the customer who submitted the form. This was requested so the IP could be verified or matched with the person who bought the woocommerce product. You can find it at the bottom of the Form setting page. The IP shows up on the review list under the review like so.

Option to hide review rating after click on form.

You now have the ability to hide the star rating on the review form right after they click. This is helpful if you are using the logic setting to show/hide the rest of the form based on the star rating. Before now they could change the star rating and affect the form. Now once the rate, the stars will disappear.

Added custom form fields to the form.

This is the biggest change to the Forms feature in quite a while. You can now add custom fields to the review input form. This allows you to collect any type of information you want. You can also ask the customer to select a tag or post when submitting the form.

Here are the different form field types you can choose…

 Another review template Filter, contains these words, but not these.

Yet another review template filter. You can now filter reviews not only based on words that they contain but you can also say “must contain this word, but must not contain this word”.