There are times when you might need a link to your Google reviews. You could share it with your customers or post it on your website or social media. The idea is to have a quick way for someone to click the link, open a new window and see all your google reviews directly on Google. Some users of my WP Review Slider Pro plugin like to link their review badge directly with the Google reviews displayed on Google.

I’m not going to talk about how to create a “Submit a Google Review” link. If you need help with that go here.

In this post, I’ll cover how to get a link to the Pop-up of Reviews from a Google Search page, and also how to link to a Google Map of your reviews. Here are some examples.

Pop-up of Google Reviews on the Google Search page.
Google Maps link with Reviews.

How to create a link to the Google search page that will Pop-Up your reviews.

First, you will need to find your Google Place ID. If you need help check this post.

For example here is a Place ID to a local brewery called Yellowhammer Brewing. ChIJC8DB3J5sYogRV8b_lTk20U4

After you have your Place ID you can replace the your_place_id in this URL with your PlaceID.

So for the brewery it will be this…

If you click that link you will notice that it first goes to the Google search results page, but then also opens the pop-up containing all of the reviews. It can be really useful to share a direct link to your customer reviews directly on Google.

How to create a link to your Google Map page.

This is a little bit easier.

First, go to Google and search for your business so that your business details show up on the right-hand side of the page, and click the Map.

That will take you to a Google Map with your location.

Then you can simply just copy the URL from the address bar.

If you would like to get a link to the reviews directly then click the link showing the total reviews like in this image…

That will take you to a page like this and you can simply copy the URL from the Address bar.

I hope you find this post useful and if you are looking for an easy way to show off your Google reviews on your WordPress site, then please check out my WP Review Slider plugin.