This post is aimed to help anyone needing steps to gain access to the Twitter Developer API, but it’s written specifically to help customers of my WP Review Slider Pro plugin here. It allows you to search, download, and display tweets on your WordPress site.

I’ve broken it down into 3 sections. The first one will explain how to sign-up for a Twitter Developer account. Next, I’ll go over how to get your client tokens. Finally, I’ll cover signing up for the Premium Search API.

Step 1: Sign-up for a Twitter Developer Account

Step 2: Create an App

After you have been approved by Twitter as a Developer, you can now create a twitter app to use with the plugin. This is how you get your API Keys and Tokens.

Create an app and get your tokens and keys.

Step 3: Sign-up for the Premium Search API

The plugin uses the Twitter Premium Search API to look for tweets. Twitter gives you 250 free 30-day searches and 50 all-time searches a month. 

  • Go here and click the “Set up dev environment” button. Make sure you use the label “wprevdev” for the “Dev environment label” and select the same app as the keys you used above.
  • Here’s a video of the process.
Setting up Twitter dev environment.