Adding review schema markup is one of the easiest ways to improve your website’s SEO. This handy coding markup is simple to implement with the help of dedicated WordPress plugins. Integrating review schema markup can help make your content more search-engine friendly and boost your rankings in Google search results. 

This article will explore the top ten WordPress review schema plugins and help you discover the best one for your business. We will also look at what review schema markup is, its benefits, and how review markup plugins can help you integrate schema into your WordPress site effectively.

What is Review Schema Markup?

Review schema markup is a way of signposting search engines to specific data about reviews and related product ratings on your site. Many businesses will use schema (or to help search engines interpret their pages: an eCommerce site may use the review schema markup to signpost product ratings, whereas a local restaurant might use schema to signpost items on their restaurant menu.

Schema markup makes up your WordPress site code. When Google crawls through the data and indexes this content, it uses the markup to help interpret the page better and place your search listings correctly. Review schema markup is a specific code that provides structured data to Google about reviews and product ratings. It helps Google better understand your site and therefore be better equipped to place it higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Unless you are a coding pro, it can be challenging to understand how best to implement review schema markup on your site. That’s why WordPress plugins exist to help you boost your SEO rankings without extensive coding expertise.

What Are the Benefits of Review Schema Markup?

Review schema markup is a useful way to make your website easier to understand across a variety of platforms. Let’s take a look at the key benefits of using review schema markup.

Speaking Google’s Language

Using a review schema markup WordPress plugin makes it more likely that Google will discover and understand your pages. It helps organize your WordPress site into structured data that describes your website in a format easily digestible by Google. The Review schema is one of many different schemas that help Google understand what your page is about. 

Here are some examples of the other schema types available:

  • Product schema: used by eCommerce businesses implementing structured data to help potential customers see the price, the rating, and the inventory when looking at SERPs.
  • Organization schema: a business can use this schema to help provide reliable information about their business, like an email address, specific credentials, awards, and even employee information.

Speaking the Customer’s Language

Review schema markup WordPress plugins help Google convert your reviews into rich snippets in the search engine results. Essentially, Google will read the structured data provided and display a concise snippet of your overall reviews with average ratings and stars. Or, it could provide a snippet of the specific review data. People searching for your product can quickly discover some core information from that rich snippet.

For example, if a potential customer typed in ‘wp review slider ratings’ to see what the rankings of the review schema markup were, they would see an overview of the WP Review Slider Pro reviews. WP Review Slider Pro is a review schema markup WordPress plugin that can help you create rich snippets for potential customers.

WP Review Slider Pro is a tool that helps customers find your products on Google.

Saving Entrepreneurs Time

Review schema markup WordPress plugins make life easier for Google, the customer, and the business owner. With the help of a WordPress plugin, you can effectively boost your SEO and cut back the time entrepreneurs usually spend trying to raise the profile of their WordPress site. 

Review schema markup allows Google to index your local business star ratings, customer reviews, and job postings and summarize them into rich snippets and results on SERPs. It helps automate the process of getting core information out to your potential customers when searching on Google.

How Do I Add Review Schema to My WordPress Site?

Standard WordPress does not have functionality for review schema. You can integrate code from the site into your web pages, but this is risky and only suitable for coding pros. If you do it incorrectly, you can even be penalized by Google, and your search engine rankings will go down. 

A review schema WordPress plugin is the more effective and quicker option. Fortunately, many popular WordPress review schema plugins can help you efficiently implement review schema markup.

What Should You Look for in a WordPress Review Schema Plugin?

Here are the main things to consider when looking for the proper review schema WordPress plugin for your eCommerce site or local business pages.

Compatible With Multiple Schemas

Multiple schema types exist besides review schemas, and each has its purpose in making your sites SEO-friendly across pages ranging from WooCommerce stores to restaurant pages. You can tell whether your WooCommerce site supports different schemas if it mentions some of the tools below:

Review Schema

The review schema we cover in this article includes the content of the review, the review ratings, the review author, and the date the review was published.

Recipe Schema

The recipe schema includes data related to cooking time, nutritional information, ingredients, cuisine style, and more. 

Book Schema

The book schema is helpful for authors or eCommerce bookshops as it includes information like the ISBN, edition, abstract, author details, and intended audience.

Event Schema

An event schema provides markup language to describe local events and festivals, like what it’s about, the date and duration of an event, whether it is rescheduled or canceled, and who is hosting it.

Many of these schemas overlap in their markup language, so plugins that support the full range of schema types will benefit all businesses.

Supports Multiple Structured Data Types

Your review schema WordPress plugin should allow you to add structured data in three different formats in line with Google’s structured data policy:

  • JSON-LD: JSON-LD is Google’s recommended coding language for providing structured data. It uses a popular format called JSON and focuses on creating links between data.
  • Microdata: Microdata is a format that adds metadata (data within data) to HTML pages so that Google crawlers can interpret the data.
  • RDFa: RDFa is an extension to HTML5 that helps you create rich snippets and rich results on people, events, places, recipes, and reviews.

A quality review schema WordPress plugin should support these different structured data types.

Supports All Post Types

A post type in WordPress refers to the type of content in a WordPress site. WordPress offers the following content types by default:

  • Post
  • Page
  • Revision
  • Attachment
  • Nav menu 

However, depending on the site, there may be a custom post type that differs from the ones mentioned above. Custom post types are often created via a dedicated WordPress plugin and can include books, movies, events, or jokes. 

Review schema WordPress plugins may not always offer the functionality to accommodate schema markup for custom post types. Review the description of the plugin carefully to see if the version you have includes custom post types or if you need to upgrade to a premium or pro package for more customized posts than the one mentioned above. If you created a custom post using a particular plugin, you can also check if your review schema plugin is cross-compatible. 

Easy to Use

Review schema WordPress plugins should make adding markup language easy and accessible. The process of adding the review schema should be simple to do, and the plugin interface should be as user-friendly and automated as possible. For example, WP Review Slider Pro makes viewing and filtering different reviews by product, ratings, types, and languages on their platform incredibly easy.

WP Review Slider Pro allows you to easily filter between different reviews by product ratings, types, and languages.

Additional Features

The best review schema markup WordPress plugins won’t just focus on SEO but the front-end presentation of your WordPress site. Look for features like easy review management and collating reviews from other platforms like Yelp, Facebook, or other social media channels. The best WordPress review schema WordPress plugins will also offer features like summary badges, floats, and dedicated review metrics.

WP Review Slider Pro allows you to collate reviews across Facebook, Google, and Yelp.

10 Best WordPress Plugins For Review Schema

Now that you know what review schema is, the reasons behind using a review schema plugin, and what features to look for, you should be in a great position to find the proper review schema WordPress plugin. We have reviewed the top 10 best WordPress plugins for review schema, with our top favorite being WP Review Slider Pro.

1. WP Review Slider Pro

WP Review Slider Pro is the best WordPress plugin for review schema markup. The process of integrating review schema into your reviews is entirely automated and behind the scenes, ideal for novice and veteran WordPress site owners alike. WP Review Slider Pro focuses on review management, using intuitive review templates that are easy to view in the front end.

WP Review Slider Pro allows you to create clear templates for your settings.

There are many styles to choose from, and every element of your product review is fully customized, from the review avatar to the color of the stars in your review. You can also choose whether your reviews display in a grid or slider format and can display Google rich snippets as part of your review pages.

WP Review Slider Pro allows you to create both review grids and sliders.

WP Review Slider Pro is a unique review schema WordPress plugin because it offers complete review management, customization, and the ability to manage reviews across multiple sites (or manually add your own). The analytics pages also allow you to gather core metrics on your reviews from various web pages, including Yelp, Facebook, and Google.

WP Review Slider Pro provides dedicated analytics on your reviews.

So how do you use review schema markup with WP Review Slider Pro? WP Review Slider Pro automatically inserts the markup depending on the templates and the customization you want to use with your site. You don’t need to understand anything about coding to create enhanced reviews for your site.

WP Review Slider Pro also offers an extensive starter package, including all these features, for as little as $29 for a single page. Unlike other WordPress plugins where you will need to purchase a premium version for enhanced features, WP Review Slider Pro includes all features from the single-site pro starter plan, with scalable packages based on the number of sites you require.

2. Schema Pro

Schema Pro is a good plugin if your sole focus is to add schema to your existing review pages. Schema Pro helps you to add schema through rules, which help create automation and integrate them into your review pages. It enables you to apply review schema to a wide range of fields, such as custom fields, which can be helpful to Google.

However, Schema Pro offers similar features to most existing SEO plugins, with its greatest attribute being its ability to integrate schema into existing sites. It’s not ideal if you’re looking for a more comprehensive review management tool like WP Review Slider Pro.

Schema Pro is useful for schema but is not a comprehensive review management tool.

3. Schema App Structured Data

Schema App Structured Data is a plugin that automatically crawls your pages after installation, inserting schema markup for reviews, blogs, pages, authors, categories, and more. It’s great if you’re a blogger with an existing site looking to make it SEO-friendly. It also helps with breadcrumbs, the menu tree you often see at the top of pages telling you where you are on a website. Schema App Structured Data also has a pro package available. The plugin is suitable for existing sites but not ideal for new ones needing a review management tool.

Schema App Structured Data helps to add schema to existing WordPress sites.

4. WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro is a review management WordPress plugin that allows you to manage your reviews from multiple sites like Yelp, Facebook, or Google. It also allows you to generate comparison tables and pop-ups and has WooCommerce integration. This WordPress plugin comes with many of the same tools as WP Review Slider Pro. However, it costs double the price.

WP Review Pro comes with the same features as WPRSP, but at double the cost.

5. Five Star Business Profile and Schema

Five Star Business Profile and Schema allows you to add JSON-LD structured data to your WordPress site. Its most unique feature is the contact card tool, ideal for local businesses that want to ensure their information displays correctly. It comes with a Google Map, opening hours, and a click-to-call feature applied to your site with the appropriate schema. It’s great if you’re looking for a schema WordPress app, but it doesn’t offer the same comprehensive review management functionality as WordPress Review Slider Pro.

Five Star Business Profile and Schema allows you to create a business contact card.

6. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

WP SEO Structured Data Schema is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to add review schema markup to your site. As a free version, it has some standard settings that automatically apply to your site. Still, it also offers flexibility on each page and manual customization options.

WP SEO Structured Data Schema is a free tool with a pro version available.

It has quite a complicated setup compared to other sites, and you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version in order to implement schema to custom post types. Overall, it’s not as comprehensive as WP Review Slider Pro.

7. Schema & Structured Data For WP & AMP

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP supports 33 different schema types and Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages). It is compatible with custom fields, works with breadcrumbs, and has dedicated customer plugin support, including migrations. It’s a great tool if you want help with schema specifically. 

Schema & Structured Data For WP & AMP provides support with custom fields and breadcrumbs.

8. Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets is a free version of a schema plugin that is incredibly helpful for improving Google rich snippets. This WordPress plugin allows you to pull out photos, star ratings, prices, and authors in a clear way that supports a wide range of standard schema types. It does not offer review management, but it is a valuable tool if you are committed to improving your rich snippets.

All-In-One Schema Rich Snippets is a great tool for optimizing Google rich snippets.

9. WPSSO Core

WPSSO Core will crawl your pages and posts and create dedicated schema markup from titles, product information, and descriptions. Customizable menus like a Social and Search Optimization panel are added to your existing WordPress admin panel. You need to upgrade to the premium version to access a complete list of Google rich snippets for the dedicated schema markups. It costs $59 for single-site use. 

WPSSO Core is a great tool for using schema on existing sites and creating rich snippets.

10. Schema and Structured Data

Schema and Structured Data come with some unique features, breadcrumbs, and Google AMP compatibility, two unique features that don’t come with every plugin on this list. This review markup WordPress plugin is great for improving your mobile site’s markup. At $99 for a single site, this is one of the more expensive plugins on this list. 

Schema and Structured Data is one of the more expensive plugins at $99.

Key Takeaways

WP Review Slider Pro stands out from the other review schema markup items on this list due to its user-friendly interface, review management software, and automated, accurate, and reliable review schema markup. WPRSP will help you optimize your review pages on SERPs while avoiding penalization from sites by Google.


A quality review schema WordPress plugin will help Google interpret your website data, the customer finds your product ratings, and save you time as an entrepreneur. Plugins, in general, are far more sustainable than coding yourself as they ensure your review schema is accurate and up-to-date. 

WP Review Slider Pro is the best WordPress review and review schema plugin for local businesses and WooCommerce owners. It allows you to quickly collate, add, and display reviews from across multiple sites while adding the review schema markup you need, with no added complexity to the user. WP Review Slider Pro has everything you need to manage and report on your user reviews, offering enhanced product reviews and an SEO-friendly approach to boost your product visibility. 

Optimize your reviews and enhance your WordPress site’s Google rankings today with WP Review Slider Pro. Prices start from as little as $29 a year for a single-site license.