This post is for customers of my WP Review Slider Pro WordPress plugin and talks about the different ways to sort and filter out reviews when displaying them on the front end of your site.

The General Sort method.

When you are creating a review template you can easily sort your reviews using this setting.

default sort method for review template

The “Secondary Sort Order” is used when two reviews have the same value.

The “Sort Weight” option allows you to specify certain reviews to show before others. You can assign “Sort Weight” on the Review List page of the plugin. Just find the review and enter it on the right side.

review list sort weight.

If you choose the “Random” display order you also have the option to limit them by date. This helps you only show recent reviews.

Hide Individual Reviews

Let’s say you want to display all your reviews, but you just have a couple that you would rather not show. That’s when the “Hide” icon on the Review List comes in handy. It will allow you to keep the review in your list, but will not display it on the front end of your site.

hide a review button

The Filter tab for the Review Template

The Filter options under the Filter tab when creating a review template allow you to really customize which reviews get shown.

Most of these options are pretty self-explanatory but if you need help you can click the “?” icon. For example the first one, “Filter Reviews Without Text” means that when you turn it on, only reviews with text will be shown.

filter reviews without text

One thing to note is the last Filter, “Select Reviews To Show” will override all other filters. It will allow you to pick and choose which reviews to show.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me here. Thanks!