Facebook reviews are more than just comments on a page; they’re a powerful tool for businesses, playing a crucial role in building trust with potential customers. 

By influencing perceptions and decisions, these reviews can drive traffic to your website, improve SEO, and increase conversions. Their importance goes beyond mere social validation; they can significantly enhance your online reputation.

Imagine having these impactful reviews not just on your Facebook Business page but prominently displayed on your website. Embedding Facebook reviews directly onto your site does exactly that, and the best part? 

It can be done automatically, eliminating the time and effort usually required for manual embedding.

While the idea of embedding Facebook reviews may seem complex, especially if you’re unfamiliar with coding or if you’re using a specific platform like WordPress, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. 

If you’re looking to leverage positive Facebook reviews to bolster your business’s online presence, this guide is for you. Learn how to embed Facebook reviews on your website effortlessly, enhancing trust and taking a significant step in promoting your business online!

Understanding the importance of embedding Facebook reviews

The world of online business is intensely competitive, and reviews often serve as the frontline of a company’s reputation. How, then, do Facebook reviews contribute, and why should you consider embedding them on your website?

Build a business’s online reputation

Positive reviews are like gold for a business. They bolster the company’s image, instill confidence, and often serve as a decisive factor for potential customers. 

Even negative reviews aren’t necessarily harmful; when managed effectively, they can help identify areas for improvement, allowing a business to grow and adapt.

Enhance customer trust

There’s something uniquely reassuring about real reviews from real customers. Displaying these authentic testimonials on your website can significantly enhance credibility and foster trust among potential customers. They provide tangible evidence of the quality of your products or services, assuring customers that they are making the right choice.

Positive impact on conversions and sales

Reviews often serve as a critical influence on purchasing decisions. By embedding Facebook reviews on your site, you enable customers to see firsthand experiences from others. This transparency can greatly influence conversion rates, as customers feel more informed and confident about their choices.

Missed opportunities without embedding reviews

Failure to showcase reviews on your website can lead to missed opportunities for customer engagement and reduce credibility. 

Potential customers might question the authenticity of your business or miss out on valuable insights from other customers, leading them to seek alternatives.

Benefits of showcasing reviews on your website

The rewards of embedding Facebook reviews go beyond mere reputation management. They contribute significantly to the overall user experience in the following ways:

  • Better user experience: Embedded reviews can provide valuable information to potential customers, helping them make informed decisions. The insights gained from reading real customer feedback can guide them through their purchasing journey, making it more satisfying and efficient.
  • Increasing engagement on the website: Tools like floatable reviews & badges, available with plugins such as WP Review Slider Pro, can foster interaction and engagement. These interactive features encourage users to explore reviews, thus spending more time on your website and creating a more vibrant online community.
  • The power of social proof: Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people mirror the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior. Positive reviews act as a form of social proof, influencing potential customers, and encouraging them to choose your business over competitors.

Whether it’s enhancing trust, boosting sales, increasing engagement, or providing social proof, showcasing these reviews on your website can have profound effects on your business, making satisfied customers your most effective marketers.

Step-by-step guide to embed Facebook reviews with WP Review Slider Pro

WP Review Slider Pro is a versatile WordPress plugin designed to streamline the process of embedding Facebook reviews on your website. It offers a range of features and benefits that make it a valuable tool for enhancing your online reputation.

WP Review Slider Pro - Best Facebook reviews plugin for WordPress

When it comes to embedding Facebook reviews on your WordPress website, WP Review Slider Pro stands out as a versatile and powerful tool. Here’s why:

  • Multi-platform compatibility: Unlike standard plugins that might only support Facebook reviews, WP Review Slider Pro can import reviews from over 90 different platforms, offering a comprehensive view of your customer feedback from across the web. This means you can showcase a comprehensive view of your business’s performance across multiple review platforms, including Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.
  • Auto-update feature: WP Review Slider Pro offers an auto-update feature, ensuring that your reviews are always fresh and relevant. This automated process eliminates the need for constant manual updates, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Enhanced customization: The plugin allows you to tailor the appearance of the reviews, ensuring that they align with your website’s aesthetics. Whether it’s colors, layouts, or special effects, you have the flexibility to design the display to match your brand.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to embedding Facebook reviews on your website using WP Review Slider Pro:

  1. Download the WP Review Slider Pro plugin from the website. 
  2. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard, go to ‘Plugins’, and click on ‘Upload‘. 
  3. Upload the plugin’s .zip file, then click ‘Install’ and ‘Activate’
  4. Enter your license key to complete the activation process.
  5. Once activated, you’ll see a new menu item on your dashboard called ‘WP Reviews Pro‘. Click on it to open the plugin configuration settings.
  6. Go to ‘Get Reviews’ > ‘Add Review Source Site’ and select the Facebook platform for importing your reviews. There are two ways to do so – you can integrate the Facebook API or use a third-party scraping tool. Select the Facebook API method. 

Note: you need to have access to the Facebook admin page to implement this option.

Select the Facebook platform to download and embed reviews

Select the Facebook platform to download and embed reviews

Choose the Facebook API integration method for downloading reviews

Choose the Facebook API integration method for downloading reviews

  1. To connect your Facebook account, you need to enter the Secret Access Code. Click on ‘Get Access Code Here’ to log in to your Facebook business account page and follow the prompts to connect the plugin to your Facebook page. 
Get the secret access code to integrate your Facebook business account 

Get the secret access code to integrate your Facebook business account 

Prompt to login to your Facebook business account

Prompt to login to your Facebook business account

  1. Copy the access code and enter the URL for your website.
Facebook interface with the secret access code and website URL settings

Facebook interface with the secret access code and website URL settings

  1. After connecting to Facebook, you can import all your reviews by clicking on ‘Retrieve Reviews’. You’ll see the list of imported reviews in the ‘Review List’ tab.
Retrieving Facebook reviews

Retrieving Facebook reviews

List of Facebook reviews displayed at your WordPress backend

List of Facebook reviews displayed at your WordPress backend

  1. You can now create a slider to display all of your imported reviews. Go to the ‘Templates’ tab in the menu and click on ‘Add New Reviews Template‘. 
Create new slider template to customize how you want to display reviews

Create a new slider template to customize how you want to display reviews

  1. Enter a name for the template, e.g. Facebook Reviews Template, and customize it as per your preferences. Save and close to finalize the process.
Manage the review display template settings

Manage the review display template settings

Manage general settings for review display template

Manage general settings for the review display template

Manage slider and grid display settings

Manage slider and grid display settings

Add review filters in template settings

Add review filters in template settings

  1. To embed the slider on your website, copy the shortcode provided and paste it into the desired location on your website.
Embed the reviews widget on your site using a shortcode

Embed the reviews widget on your site using a shortcode

WP Review Slider Pro not only simplifies the process of embedding Facebook reviews but elevates it, providing a dynamic, multi-platform solution that fits perfectly within the WordPress ecosystem. 

By utilizing this plugin, you’re equipping your site with a feature-rich tool that enhances user experience and reinforces the authenticity of your business.

Customizing your Facebook reviews display with WP Review Slider Pro

WP Review Slider Pro isn’t just about embedding reviews; it’s about embedding them in style. This powerful plugin offers a range of customization options to ensure that the reviews perfectly resonate with your brand image and provide an engaging experience for your visitors. 

Here’s how you can tailor your reviews per your aesthetic preferences:

Customizable templates

WP Review Slider Pro comes with various templates that allow you to change the look of the reviews. You can choose layouts, colors, and designs that align with your website’s aesthetics.

By selecting a template that complements your brand’s theme, you create a cohesive look that appeals to visitors. The uniformity can enhance the overall look and feel of your website.

A well-matched template provides a visually pleasing experience for users, encouraging them to spend more time exploring the reviews.


The plugin allows you to create badges that highlight specific reviews or ratings. You can customize these badges to match your brand’s style. Badges add a touch of sophistication to the display, making reviews stand out and attracting visitor attention.

By focusing on particular reviews through badges, you guide visitors to essential feedback, making their browsing more insightful and engaging.

Floatable reviews

Floatable reviews are interactive elements that float on the webpage. They can be customized in appearance and behavior, offering a dynamic way to showcase reviews. Floatable reviews add a layer of interactivity to your site, making the review display more lively and engaging.

This feature draws visitors into an interactive experience, encouraging them to engage with the reviews and thus boosting their connection with your brand.

Matching the business’s brand image

Customizing reviews isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about reinforcing your brand image. By tailoring the display of reviews to match your branding, you create a unified and professional appearance. This harmony enhances credibility and makes the reviews more appealing to visitors, reflecting a consistent and trustworthy brand identity.

These options empower you to make the review section a vibrant part of your website, reflecting your brand, engaging visitors, and elevating the overall user experience, to increase customer satisfaction.

Embedding Facebook reviews across different CMS platforms

Facebook reviews can be embedded across different CMS platforms, including Drupal, Joomla, and others. Here’s a general guide on how to embed Facebook reviews on any website:

  1. Head to the reviews section of your business’s Facebook page reviews section. Alternatively, as Facebook is now part of the Meta Suite, you can also go to Meta Business Suite > Inbox > Facebook Comments.
Login to your Facebook business page

Login to your Facebook business page

Go to your messaging inbox

Go to your messaging inbox

  1. Find the review that you wish to embed, and click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner.
Embed reviews from your Facebook page

Embed reviews from your Facebook page

  1. Select ‘Embed’. Copy the code and click ‘Show Preview’ to see how it will look on your website.
  2. Go to your website’s HTML or CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress) editor and paste the code into your CMS post editor while in HTML mode. 

This method, however, does come with a few drawbacks:

  • It requires manual implementation for each review, which can be time-consuming.
  • It doesn’t automatically sync with your website, meaning new reviews won’t appear on your website unless you manually embed them. 

This is where a Facebook review plugin like WP Review Slider Pro can come in handy, as it automates this process and offers additional features to enhance the display of your reviews.

Tips for getting more Facebook reviews 

More reviews not only enhance your online reputation but boost customer trust. But how can you encourage more customers to leave their thoughts? Here’s how:

  • Ask customers for reviews via email: An effective strategy to garner more reviews is to ask customers via email, especially after providing excellent customer service. A friendly, personalized email expressing gratitude and asking for feedback on Facebook can show customers that their opinions matter, leading to more positive engagement.
  • Respond to existing reviews: By acknowledging positive reviews with thanks and addressing negative ones with empathy and commitment to improve, businesses can build a positive community atmosphere that encourages more people to leave their thoughts.
  • Run a campaign or contest: Announcing a contest where leaving a review could lead to a discount or freebie can lead to a surge in reviews, thus fostering a more vibrant online presence.

How WP Review Slider Pro helps maintain a positive brand reputation

WP Review Slider Pro adds an additional layer of reputation management, catching negative reviews before they make it to social media.

This gives you a chance to address negative reviews privately. If a customer leaves a review below a certain rating, they are prompted to provide more information, allowing you to reach out and address their concerns before it’s posted publicly.

By catching negative feedback early, you can handle it in a way that does not harm your public image. This personal touch can even turn a negative experience into a positive one, preserving your reputation.

This feature can be particularly beneficial for businesses that have received negative reviews and are looking to demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction for managing their online reputation effectively.

Improve your online reputation with WP Review Slider Pro

The ability to showcase real opinions from real customers can be a game-changer for a business’s online reputation. It builds customer trust, nurtures a positive image, and serves as a lever to increase conversions. In an era where online presence defines success, the role of transparent customer reviews is undeniable.

The WP Review Slider Pro plugin emerges as a robust ally in this mission. Its customizable review display allows businesses to align the look and feel of reviews with their brand image, creating a cohesive and appealing experience.

From customization to multi-platform integration, automatic updates to reputation management, WP Review Slider Pro is more than a plugin; it’s a companion for building and maintaining an unshakable online reputation.

Are you ready to take control of your online reputation? The key to unlocking this potential lies in a well-chosen, smartly-used tool like WP Review Slider Pro.

Try WP Review Slider Pro today and elevate your online reputation to a new level of excellence. Let your customer’s voice become your success story!