Did you know that more than half of adults under thirty-five trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? Your website’s review section is like a busy coffee shop where strangers sit down and discuss their experiences with your products – people listen, trust, and make buying decisions based on these conversations.

Harnessing the power of customer reviews has far-reaching benefits. It starts with a single review displayed on your WooCommerce store, spreading to multiple platforms like Google, eventually leading to increased conversions, trust, and optimized sales.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how WP customer reviews can revolutionize your WooCommerce store. We’ll also walk you through how to enable reviews on your site using WP Review Slider Pro. So, stick around as we embark on a journey to harness the untapped potential of customer reviews – and ultimately provide a new lease of life to your WooCommerce store experience!

Why do customer reviews matter for your online store?

Customer reviews serve as a guiding light for prospective buyers in an online world brimming with commercial opportunities. They give a real-world account of the product in question, discussing its strengths and weaknesses from a user’s perspective. And it’s not just about the star ratings; the textual reviews contribute to the narrative, adding depth and personality to what could otherwise be a sterile product listing.

Moreover, customer reviews serve as a robust form of social proof – a psychological phenomenon where people mirror the actions of others in an attempt to make the right decision. Imagine you’re at a bustling street food market with an overwhelming number of stalls. Naturally, you’re drawn to the stall with the longest line, reasoning that if so many people prefer it, the food must be good. Online customers presented with a product that has several positive reviews will likewise perceive it as a popular choice – and you’ll have increased the item’s desirability.

Lastly, but most importantly, customer reviews establish trust among potential customers. Reviews act like open testimonials that vouch for the credibility of your products. They reassure buyers that your online store lives up to its promises and, in doing so, cultivate an environment of trust. Customers are then more likely to purchase from your store, return for more, and even recommend it to others.

And the benefits of displaying customer reviews on your eCommerce website don’t stop there! Additional perks include:

Increased visibility

Standing out is key to grabbing customer attention, and organic customer reviews are your secret weapon. These reviews often include a treasure trove of SEO-boosting long-tail keywords that can be more effective than any meticulously designed keyword strategy.

It’s like using a megaphone to draw curious customers toward your store: once they’re there, customer reviews give them a reason to stick around. This increases the time spent on the page, another signal to search engines that your site offers value, which can elevate your organic traffic and overall visibility.

Improved conversions

Customer reviews showcase real customers’ experiences, highlighting your products or services’ pros and potential cons. They reassure other visitors that your business is legitimate, build trust, and illustrate that you value customer feedback.

What’s more, reviews also foster a sense of legitimacy and openness, coaxing visitors to make that crucial leap from browsers to confirmed buyers.

Improved retention

It’s no secret that retaining customers can be more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. As a result, reviews are a massively effective way to showcase the positive experiences of satisfied customers while bolstering your business’s credibility. Reviews also generate social proof, which can encourage repeat purchases – sometimes, all a prospective buyer needs is a little reassurance from an existing customer!

Shared experiences can also improve word-of-mouth marketing, as satisfied customers create a ripple effect that attracts new buyers.

Customer reviews vs. paid reviews

Finally, it’s important to note that customer reviews have several advantages over product or paid reviews. They’re genuine, unfiltered, and originate from the heart of your user base – your customers. Unlike product reviews, which often showcase a company’s perspective, or paid reviews, which might lack authenticity due to compensation, customer reviews provide a transparent snapshot of the customer’s experience.

These testimonials reflect real-world usage of your products, incorporating praises and potential concerns, and nurturing trust among potential customers. You’ll provide your prospective buyers with an authentic shopping experience, too, and shore up your store’s credibility.

How to enable customer reviews in WooCommerce

Using default WooCommerce

WooCommerce has a built-in review feature allowing customers to leave reviews on your products. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of how to enable and use this handy functionality.

To enable the built-in WooCommerce review feature:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to WooCommerce > Settings.
  2. Select the ‘Products’ tab.
WooCommerce - Select the Products tab
  1. Scroll down to the ‘Enable reviews’ field and make sure the box is checked (it’s usually already enabled by default.)
  2. Additional options will appear below the checkbox. You can configure these based on your preferences. For example, you can display a ‘verified owner’ label, allowing only verified customers to leave reviews, and activate star ratings.
WooCommerce - Enable reviews and configure additional options
  1. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button once you’re done.

To test product reviews:

  1. Via the front end of your website, visit a product page.
  2. Look for the reviews section, but remember that it may be displayed differently depending on your WooCommerce theme – the section may be in a tab or accordion module.
WooCommerce - View reviews on the frontend product page
  1. Select a rating, write a review, and click the submit button to test the review submission.
  2. If approved, the review should appear under the average star review area and in the reviews tab on the product page.
WooCommerce - Test product reviews

You’ll also be able to manage reviews from the backend of your site. Each product page has a reviews section where you can moderate and delete spam reviews. Additionally, you can find the reviews under the Comments area in the WordPress dashboard, as they’re treated as regular WordPress comments.

While the default review feature of WooCommerce is easy to use, it may not offer the advanced functionality your store requires. You might be interested in adding more customizations or seeking integrations with other review platforms to further enhance your customer’s experience.

But don’t worry; we’re not leaving you in the lurch. In the upcoming sections, we’ll explore the realm of advanced plugins designed to optimize and fully harness the power of customer reviews for your WooCommerce store.

Using WooCommerce plugins

There are lots of review plugins available for WooCommerce that can be valuable for businesses of all sizes and industries. These plugins offer benefits such as greater customization options, additional features like review gating and automatic updates, and integration with popular review platforms.

Here’s an overview of some of the most popular WooCommerce review plugins:

  • Customer Reviews for WooCommerce: Packed with features, Customer Reviews for WooCommerce encourages customers to leave reviews with aggregated review forms and ratings. Store owners can send review collection emails days or weeks after initial purchase, use discounts as incentives, and even integrate the plugin with Google Shopping.
  • WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro provides robust review functionalities for customers, and encourages discussion with its suite of features. The plugin can also accept photos and videos as part of the review, and users can add review qualifiers and filters to their WooCommerce store.
  • ReviewX: Designed for WooCommerce-powered ecommerce businesses, ReviewX is a versatile plugin that supports integration with page builders like Elementor, Oxygen, and Divi Builder. Users can boost sales with multi-criteria reviews, set review reminders, and enjoy a visually appealing review display.

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop, however, WP Review Slider Pro stands from the crowd with a wide range of features. Below, we’ve picked out just a few of the key functionalities that can elevate your WooCommerce store:

  • Integration with 90+ review sites: Import reviews from a variety of platforms, like Yelp, Facebook, Google Reviews, and more, providing versatility across all business types.
  • Customization options: Choose from eleven different template designs and add your own CSS to fully customize the appearance of the reviews, ensuring they align with your website’s branding.
  • Compatibility with Google-rich snippets: Enhance your search engine performance and stand out from competitors using the Google-rich snippets schema addition supported by WP Review Slider Pro.
  • Automatic review synchronization: Accept new reviews directly from your website and update them automatically based on your chosen filtering settings.
  • Analytics platform: Gain insights into trends, identify areas for improvement, and better understand customer needs through the plugin’s built-in analytics platform.
  • Responsive support: Enjoy responsive support from a knowledgeable developer team, and ensure any questions or issues are resolved quickly.

By leveraging the power of advanced WooCommerce plugins like WP Review Slider Pro, you can optimize and enhance the customer review experience on your online store, ultimately driving more sales and customer satisfaction.

Using WP Review Slider Pro to display customer reviews on a WooCommerce website

Kickstarting your journey with WP Review Slider Pro is incredibly straightforward – and we’ll walk you through the process of integrating your website with external platforms (like Google) below. Then, we’ll take a look at how you can present your reviews to encourage more customer feedback.

Register your business with Google

  1. To incorporate Google reviews into your WooCommerce website, you’ll first need to register your business with Google. Head over to Google Business and click ‘Manage now.’
  2. Search by name or location to claim an existing business, or click ‘Create a business with this name.’ Then, follow along with the on-screen instructions to finalize your Google Business account.
Google Business - Register your business

Set up WP Review Slider Pro

  1. Next, you’ll need to purchase a WP Review Slider Pro license. The plugin offers three versatile pricing plans, so you’re bound to find a plan that suits your budget and business size.
  2. To install WP Review Slider Pro, you’ll need to download the plugin zip file. Then, head to your WordPress dashboard and select Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin.
WP Review Slider Pro - Upload plugin zip file
  1. To authenticate your website with WP Review Slider Pro and activate the plugin, you’ll need to input the license key you purchased earlier.
WP Review Slider Pro - Input license key

Configure your reviews

  1. WP Review Slider Pro allows users to incorporate reviews from various sources, including Google. Head to the Business Profile Dashboard, click ‘View on Search,’ and insert your Google Place ID to complete identification.
  2. Then, input your business information in the ‘Get Reviews’ tab. Here, you’ll be able to add additional locations if your business has more than one, and include a rating threshold that ensures that the best reviews are pulled through to your website.
  3. You can verify that your reviews have been uploaded correctly by visiting the ‘Review List,’ where you can d see the entire review, who wrote it, and even edit the review if necessary.
  4. If you’d like to customize how reviews appear on your website – good news, you can! Visit the “Templates” tab to take your pick of eleven layout options. You’ll also be able to tailor the templates to suit your existing branding.

Following these steps, you can effectively use WP Review Slider Pro to display customer reviews on your WooCommerce website, encouraging more user-generated content and providing valuable social proof to potential customers.

Maximize the impact of positive reviews on your store

Customer reviews play a crucial role in the success of your WooCommerce store. They influence purchasing decisions, provide social proof, and establish trust among potential customers. Leveraging these powerful testimonials enriches your store’s credibility and acts as a dynamic engine driving your business growth.

Experimenting with different review strategies

To encourage customer feedback, try out some of the following review strategies:

  • Offer incentives for customers to leave reviews (e.g., discounts, loyalty points, etc.)
  • Showcase top-rated products or reviews prominently on the store.
  • Use email marketing or follow-up campaigns to request reviews from customers.
  • Integrate user-generated content, like photos or videos, in reviews.

Using the Review Gate feature to manage negative feedback

WP Review Slider Pro users have access to its Review Gate feature, which can help effectively manage negative feedback. By harnessing review gating, you’ll be able to:

  • Prevent negative reviews from being published more publicly.
  • Address customer concerns privately and resolve issues.
  • Maintain a positive online reputation.

By implementing these strategies, you can maximize the benefits of customer reviews while creating a positive shopping experience for your WooCommerce store visitors.

Customer reviews are the heartbeat of your WooCommerce store – which is where WP Review Slider Pro steps in. The plugin is designed to make reviews a pivotal part of your customer’s journey. Its user-friendly design and a suite of customization options add a layer of flexibility that lets you tailor the review experience to your unique brand. With its ability to integrate seamlessly with multiple review websites, it acts as a comprehensive platform, gathering and presenting the voices of your customers in the most impactful way.

So, are you ready to turn your WooCommerce store into a customer review powerhouse? Don’t just take our word for it – experience the transformative potential of WP Review Slider Pro for yourself.